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Buzzfeed author Rosie Gray drew long-belated fire from a FireDogLake contributor on Wednesday, causing some fellow journalists to spring to her defense.

Responding to a November post by Gray about Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal’s defense of a book his son Max wrote, the blogger alleged Gray examined the younger Blumenthal’s work by criticizing his father’s influence. “Perhaps it is appropriate to look at people’s background and relationships when evaluating their journalistic work,” the blogger wrote, before laying Gray, her editor and her alleged relationship with journalist Eli Lake.

The blogger cited a tweet from Lake’s former New York Sun intern Charles C. Johnson before writing that Lake “may be pumping more than stories into Gray.” The offensive phrase was, at the request of Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith, changed to “may be having a romantic relationship.”

Fellow journalists chimed in on Twitter, dismissing the insinuation that Gray depended on Lake for leads as a sexist slight.